Garrett Stephens has dreamed of playing on the pro golf tour since college.  Always a popular athlete, he has lived the playboy lifestyle all his life.  The chase has always been his goal and after sampling the goods, he loses interest.  Charlotte Windham has always pushed herself to strive for something greater, and she is now a bestselling author.  While in high school she tutored the Stephens twins to earn money for college. When she runs into them 15 years later, Garrett doesn't recognize her.  Is it simply the chase Garrett is after, as Charlotte fears, or is it her heart?

This fun and lively story follows Garrett's life as a professional sports playboy. Garrett is not the image he portrays, but readers will not feel the deep connection with him as they will with Charlotte. Her relationships with the other characters are captivating. Charlotte is the smart nerdy girl in high school who has turned into the amazing woman that Garrett notices in adulthood.  The story follows the typical story — meeting up with your high school crush and falling in love for life.  That doesn’t change the fact that it is a feel-good read, with comedy, drama and romance all tied in one, great for a "cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and don’t stop until the book is finished" kind of day.

Laura Dinsdale