Lei’d With Cupcakes (Cupcakes Book 3)


Lila is a private investigator with a sexy boyfriend named Cade. Lila, Cade and her children head to Hawaii to meet Cade’s parents. Cade’s parents are very laid back, but that doesn’t stop Lila from finding herself in some truly embarrassing moments. She really wants to make a good impression with Cade’s family. She soon overhears Cade’s younger sister talking. Lila grows concerned since it sounds like Cade’s sister is being threatened. Not wanting to alarm Cade, Lila goes into investigator mode and discovers that Cade’s sister is trying to save a friend from some evil criminals who are involved in sex trafficking. Soon, Lila realizes that she has to open up to Cade about her investigation and work together to keep his sister safe and try to save her friend as well.  

There has never been a book with such a flawless mix of humor and suspense! Lila and Cade’s relationship is so steamy. They have amazing chemistry and their back-and-forth banter is very entertaining. Lila wanting approval from Cade’s family is wonderfully realistic, and many women can relate to her struggle. However, when there is no humor, there is suspense that will keep the readers turning the pages. The women in the story show off their bravery and take on even the toughest criminals! The story flows extremely well and there is not one moment where it feels slow. Even with a little dash of humor, the author manages to discuss some heavy themes like abusive relationships and sex trafficking. Overall, this book will keep readers on their toes and laughing from beginning to end!

Amanda Hupe