Learning to Love (Serendipity Book 3)


When librarian Dina Jacobs hits a pothole and pops her tire on the way to temple, local attorney and playboy Adam Mandel is ready to help her out.  Initially wary of the strange man, Dina agrees to go to dinner with him as thanks for his assistance.  Smart and witty, and with her natural face nothing like the women Adam normally dates, he can’t get Dina out of his head. When he finds out she needs a date to her ten-year high school reunion, he invites himself along as a friend. As their friendship grows, romance blossoms between them but Adam’s childhood insecurities and co-worker drama soon threaten everything.

This third book in the Serendipity series stands alone and brings us a wonderful character in the bookworm Dina Jacobs.  Her intelligence, warm heart and tendency to spout random facts when nervous are sure to endear her to readers.  Unfortunately, Adam is less endearing.  His childhood insecurities and playboy attitude wear thin, especially when paired with Dina’s mature consistency.  While Adam does experience quite a bit of personal growth during the novel, it seems that is too little, too late.  An interesting workplace drama keeps the plot of the story moving, but there are plot points that remain unresolved by the end of the story.  Overall, the story is a sweet read with a strong heroine who can not only take care of herself but support her hero as well. 

Elissa Blabac