At Last in Laguna


Alyssa Morgan has been crushing on her older brother Nick's best friend, Brandt Dempsey, for years. At her brother’s wedding, she throws him a proposition that he quickly rebuffs. Each of them have come from less-than-happy childhoods, and Brandt isn’t about to get into a committed relationship, especially with his best friend’s kid sister. Alyssa is off limits, period. Will he go with his gut and let things just happen?

"At Last in Laguna" features two blemished souls, each seeking love and acceptance. Brandt is a successful businessman, paying it forward by building a haven for abused women and children.  He hires Alyssa to do the interior design and once the two get involved, things get difficult. 

Brandt’s passion for protecting abused women and children is a great story line, which leads to an immediate connection to the hero. The first half of this story, however is filled with the heroine and hero doing a lot of fighting and having sex. Substantive character development and connection are squashed by the couple’s immature antics. Just as they are about to have that ‘aha’ moment, another fight ensues, leaving the reader throwing hands up in exasperation. The story lacks substance for the majority of the book, but once Brandt and Alyssa finally ‘grow up’, the story takes off, albeit a little late. The author does a wonderful job with the character development between Brandt and a little nine-year old boy named Kevin that he befriended at the beach.  Persevere and see if Ms. Marti gives us the happily ever after we are all pulling for!

Layne Lancaster