Kissing the Boss (Fairy Tale Quartet #2)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  “Kissing the Boss” is a twisted fairytale unlike anything one could ever imagine. Protagonist Kaitlynn Judge is struggling to cope with her father’s death and having to deal with her evil stepmother – can anyone say Cinderella? 

However, rather than hiding away in the cinders like the fairytale princess, Kaitlynn makes a daring move. At her company’s Halloween party, she kisses a handsome stranger — a stranger who turns out to be the man her evil stepmother is interested in, and also happens to be the CEO of the company where Kaitlynn works. 

If that plot doesn’t pull a reader in, then nothing will! The story is well paced from the start, and the writing is just right. The plot is very engaging, and the story ranges from romantic one moment to sizzling hot the next. Kaitlynn is an intriguing character; willing to take a risk, but also (in typical Cinderella fashion) very sweet and with a big heart. The love interest, Ezra, is downright swoon-worthy and rather than being all alpha male, (which is often the case with these CEO-types in books), he is rather sweet as well, and listens to Kaitlynn’s needs. He is there for her every step of the way. 

On top of that, the book offered a slow burn, which is great for readers who are not fond of insta-love stories. Readers looking for an adorable romantic read with a touch of magic should give this book a try. 

 Majanka Verstraete