Just for You


Meg Kahele suddenly finds herself a starving artist—her poor choice in men has left her in need of money, and fast. She breaks down and asks her best friend's brother-in-law for a job, even though the two are like oil and water. Hayden Morrison is very successful but incredibly disorganized. Both his professional and his personal lives need makeovers. He hires Meg because he feels sorry for her. Little does he know what a life-changing decision it will be. It doesn't take Meg long to get Hayden’s office running smoothly and his calendar un-jumbled, all while finding time to play verbal volleyball with him. When Meg catches wind that Hayden is ready to give up the playboy's life and settle down, she sees an opportunity to make even more money from the rich CEO of Morrison and Sons. She announces she will be his new matchmaker. The dates Meg brings to Hayden's table range from disasters to real possibilities, but Hayden wants none of them. Even though they started out as sparring partners, Hayden finds himself falling in love with Meg herself. Meg is having none of that.

This is a fast-paced, lighthearted romantic comedy that combines two tropes: enemies to lovers, and the classic Cinderella rich man-poor girl. It is excellently done. The timeline skips around a bit, which is somewhat disconcerting. But the story is told in the first-person point of view of both Meg and Hayden, with the majority coming from the hero's head—a refreshing and appealing angle. The verbal banter is hilarious. A thoroughly enjoyable read for any fan of the classic love story.

FS Brown