I Wish You Would Kill Yourself Like Your Brother or Like Kurt Cobain


Dean Strickland is a music major at the University of North Texas College of Music. Despite everything that happens to him, Dean is determined to make it as a Rock and Roll musician. He falls in love, ends up in court and is diagnosed by a psychology major in their first year. Despite all these difficulties, Dean is determined to get his story out there, and he has included poetry and lyrics in the book to do that. This book tells the story of everything he has gone through. "The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.".

This is a very interesting book. However, there are some parts that seem to be all over the place. With a lot of poetry and songs written through it, there are some aspects where people may need to backtrack. A lot of feeling has gone into writing this book with quite a lot of those feelings being poured into the lyrics. Some of the songs featured in the book have been recorded and readers will be able to go and listen to them, which is a very unique aspect and something rarely seen. Dean Strickland put a lot of emotion into this book and it shows through the prose and the explanation of various incidents in the book. Readers will remember this book for many different reasons. Unforgettable is the best word to use. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick