House Divided


Erin is a Democrat. Jack is a Republican. They get on great together at home and work well together, however when they are at work, it is a completely different story. Election Day sees Erin losing her job while Jack becomes the rising star of the TV network. The strain starts to show itself at home and they cannot seem to maintain the difference they once had. Erin finds solace in Scott, a stay-at-home dad who is just as frustrated with his own marriage. Will Erin and Jack be able to get their marriage back on track?

There are many laugh out loud moments in this book, which is the perfect blend of fun and seriousness. The characters are well written and there are some readers that will love to hate. Jack and Erin are fun characters, it is easy to see why they work so well together, and people will be rooting for them. As the plot moves forward, there are some moments where descriptions could have been better, there are also some "tell" rather than "show" moments that take away from the flow of the book. Author Jami Deise delves into the subject of American politics and manages to explain it well for those who may not know much about it. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick