Heartbreak at Roosevelt Ranch


Melissa thought she had it all until one day she no longer did. She had the most wonderful husband, Rob, a fantastic sister and brother-in-law, and two beautiful children. Her successful food blog was poised to launch her into her own TV cooking show. It was all great until Rob started acting strange. Distant. Suspicious. Like he was no longer in love with her. Maybe he was in love with the woman writing the texts and leaving lipstick kisses. What happened to her perfect, have-it-all life? What happened to make Rob no longer desire her? How could she become ‘enough’ again?

In this second installment of the Roosevelt Ranch stories, Melissa is a devoted wife, mom, and sister. Readers will soon want to be her best friend. Her family is real, layered, and genuine. It is easy to imagine being part of their life. If only husband Rob was not losing interest in Melissa. As high school sweethearts, were the odds stacked against them, or is there more to the story? Potential drawbacks that might turn readers off are the graphic sex scene, frequent use of profanity, and the way the author chose to have the characters react to their conflicts. However, it was plausible and could be how people truly react in the same situations. Numerous twists, unexpected turns, and sudden surprises take the reader along for an emotional and, at times, scary ride.  Told from Melissa’s point of view, her humor keeps the storyline from getting too heavy. 

Emerson Matthews