Fireball and Fiascos


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Harper and Denae meet, the girls know they are meant to be best friends. They even coin a word for the way they feel– flovers. Meaning they are friends who love each other, but they are both really into men. Harper gets involved with Kalil, a tall, dark, handsome man who seems to truly care for her. They spend their free time together and Harper falls for Kalil. Suddenly he starts cancelling dates with her and Harper wants to know why, so she follows him and gets an unwanted surprise. Danae meets and falls for bartender-cum-private detective Zane. Things go well for them in spite of the situations Danae finds herself in and Zane is always there to pick up the pieces.

“Fireball and Fiascos” shows the worlds of two polar opposite women living together and the men in their lives. It has some serious themes, but Danae is the comic relief needed when things get too tense. The descriptions of both the characters and world are right on point and draw the reader into the story. The girls are overly emotional at times, crying to the point of being unable to express themselves. The story ends extremely abruptly leaving unanswered questions. Several secondary characters are never fully developed, including Aiden, Zane’s partner in the P.I. business. Even Kalil, a main character, is flat with little personality. This is the first in a series; it is best read with the next book so there are no questions left in the reader’s mind. A fun read for a rainy day.

Belinda Wilson