Reviews - Contemporary

Tori Duarte is a self-described badass gamer girl who has battled to rise to the top of the computer-gaming world despite its inherent misogyny. When she gets too deep into the illegal gambling side of the illicit gaming world, her only way out is to work with the FBI to bring down the infamously secretive and lethal Symphis, ruler of the illegal gaming syndicate called the Stadium.

ECO-ROMANCE:  Ecologist Jess Everston grew up in a small town in West Virginia before crossing the country to work for Eco-Systems Services Institute. Rand Gallagher is the retired U.S. Army Ranger who is assigned to her team as their wilderness guide. The fallout from their individual traumas creates similarities that generate as much conflict as empathy between them. 

After inheriting a small fortune from her grandmother, Diana decides to take an adventure during the Christmas holiday.

Defensive Instructor

The Three C’s Ranch is nestled in a remote location in the mountains of Montana. Women who have survived acts of violence or domestic abuse seek refuge at the ranch while they take defensive training courses. Chyna Taylor is one of those women. Fleeing her controlling and abusive husband, Chyna knows it is only a matter of time before he catches up with her.

September’s Song
Ryan Jo

WOMEN'S FICTION:  A man awakes in a strange room, having no idea how he got there. He realizes he has no memories of anything — including his identity. The only clue is a military I.D. in a battered duffle bag. He spies a vent and quickly plots an escape. Once out, he finds a homeless shelter run by Father Patrick.