Face Off: Emile (Nashville Sound #1)

Alicia Hunter

Emile Giroux never wants to be the monster his stepfather was. As a result, when the charming and highly successful NHL goalie comes across a pretty woman clearly in trouble outside his friend’s shop, he feels it is only natural to lend a hand. Amy Callahan is a smart woman, and kind to everyone, which is why when her boyfriend cleans out her accounts, takes her car and leaves her high and dry, she is at a loss how anyone could do such a thing. Emile knows right off that if Amy’s boyfriend is stupid enough to leave her, he should take a shot, but Amy is gun shy and letting anyone ever control her decisions again is not something she is willing to do. Can Emile convince Amy to trust again? Or will their pasts keep them from ever finding love?

This book is an amazing beginning to Ms. Pace’s “Nashville Sound” series! The main characters ooze every kind of emotion, the tension is off the page at times, and the romance develops naturally right from the characters' first meeting. The side characters build the story, and their backgrounds are well developed.  Furthermore, the smoldering romance, characters, and plot are so well done, the story does not even need the sex! Never mind a "to read" list — lovers of contemporary romance should skip  that stack and go straight for this tale. A real winner for Ms. Pace!

Sarah E Bradley