Educating Dr. Mayfield (Sterling University # 3)


When Dr.  Devon Mayfield first meets Professor Delaney Driscoll at a college bar he thinks she is too flighty for him. For her part, Delaney feels he is too emotionally unavailable for her and shrugs him off. In his search for romance, Devon takes a “love test” invented by Delaney’s friend, Samantha — and is matched with Delaney! Although they deny the results, every time they bump against one another, they feel a jolt of energy they have never felt with anyone else. They are frequently thrown together when Delaney’s friends invite them to various activities. Things start to sizzle between the couple until Devon sees a newspaper article and inexplicably walks away from Delaney without a single word.

Sizzling romantic tension is front and centre in this wonderful piece by Rebecca Heflin. Devon and Delaney both deny the validity of the “love test.” In reality, the “love test” is a common thread of the series and is validated for the third time with this book. The three main couples, Devon and Delaney, and her two friends and their fiancés are fully developed and very relatable.  "Educating Dr. Mayfield" is a reliable look at college life from the perspective of the professors. The steps to create a new college major, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Romantic Fiction and Literature, are woven into the story to create a fully developed college atmosphere. Outstanding on its own, this romance is a worthy addition to the Sterling University series. 

Belinda Wilson