Earning It (Stolen Moments #1)


Pepper is fresh off a breakup with her jock boyfriend, Phil — who was ‘considerate’ enough to end things with a text. Angry, yet determined not to let this get her down, she takes a job as a sports doctor in her Florida hometown. Her friend sets her up on a blind date at a local coffee shop. Once she meets who she thinks is her blind date Rick, she is resolved to get laid. Little does she know, ‘Rick’ is actually Luke - Pepper's high school nemesis. Will Luke reveal the truth, and once he does, will Pepper give him a chance?

"Earning It" is written in alternating POV’s, which are usually intended to give the reader a fuller sense of the characters. Unfortunately, here it merely emphasizes the book's flaws, and both the characters and the story suffer as a result.  Pepper and Luke have hot sex, argue, and then deny their feelings, making it very frustrating for the reader.  In the author’s own words, taken from the book, “It’s hard sometimes to get the hang of what’s going on.”  Angela Quarles has great talent for writting great characters, the dots just need to be connected. With a good re-edit for overuse of words and ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’, this book has the potential to be a great read. 

Layne Lancaster