Cowboy Six Pack

Kari Lynn Dell, Allison Merritt, Stephanie Berget,
Paty Jager, Melissa Keir, and D'Ann Lindun

WESTERN:  “Cowboy Six Pack” is just that — six standalone contemporary romances with one main theme — sexy cowboys. Readers will find an undercover investigator tangling with a rodeo announcer, a cattle owner falling for an unwed mother, a barrel racer who must choose between her career and becoming a rancher’s wife, a veterinarian who teaches a dyslexic woman to believe in herself, married ranchers who struggle with money problems, and a sterile bull rider who falls for a teacher who wants her own children. 

Comprised of contemporary love stories that grab the reader and hold their interest from the first tale to the very last, this series is sure to please. The variety of storylines and different levels of steam, all revolving around sexy cowboys on their roads to happily ever after, will delight readers.

 “To Steal a Cowboy’s Heart” has issues with editing, a relationship that needs substance, and a rushed ending, but these don’t detract from the enjoyment of this entertaining tale. 

“Cowboy Courtship” is a captivating read. Also containing editing issues and a rushed ending, however, it delivers a satisfying and appealing HEA. 

“Changing a Cowboy's Tune” is a predictable tale of second chance love that is enthralling and well written. 

“Catch the Rain” is a delightful tale with editing issues, shifting POVs, and an unresolved issue; however these are overcome by the heartwarming and intriguing plot. 

“Broken Vows” is a quick read with a seemingly rushed story and abrupt ending; nonetheless, it captures the reader’s attention with its pleasing storyline. 

“Cowboy Wrecked” lacks substance behind the relationship that occurs too quickly, but this steamy and fascinating tale heats up the pages.

Romance, danger, sizzling chemistry, and sexy cowboys combine to make this collection an entertaining delight that will appeal to readers of many genres.

Janna Shay