Country Gold


Lexi Wilder and her sisters were country music darlings until a scandal marred their squeaky -clean image.  Ironically, as Lexi’s career falters, her boyfriend Luke Wyatt hits the big time, with a song they wrote together. While Luke is basking in the spotlight, Lexi returns home to run her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, but Lexi isn’t sure how much longer they can keep the place running. When Luke shows up for an extended stay, Lexi is less than thrilled. However, Luke is on a mission, not only to write more hits, but also to win back his girl. Can he get Lexi to forgive him or are her days in Nashville over for good?

“Country Gold” is a chart topper! Author Heatherly Bell two-steps her new series onto the stage with a sweet but realistic love story. The juxtaposition between Lexi and Luke is unique, as she has spent most of her life onstage, and his fame was almost a fluke.  Lexi’s burnout is palpable, as is her heartbreak, dimming Luke’s hopes of patching things up between them. But his steadfastness, gently coaxing Lexi back into his arms and maybe even back into the spotlight with him, just might change Lexi’s mind. The only drawback is that the backstory lacks specific details about Lexi and Luke’s breakup. Other than that, this series is sure to be a hit maker.  You don’t have to like country music to love this couple and their happily ever after.

Julie Whiteley