Broken Promises


When Sam Fleischer walks into the Delectable Delights coffee shop in Serenity Bay looking for a job as a barista, she doesn’t expect to see someone from her past, Jon “Erik” Erikkson. Sam wants to escape from her old life and an abusive marriage by going to Serenity. She finally begins to feel comfortable, hidden away in the small town while still managing to make some new friends and rekindle a friendship with Erik that she thought was broken beyond repair. As Sam gets closer to Erik, however, her past finds a way to wreck the almost perfect life she’s made for herself and threatens to break up her second-chance romance with Erik.

This is a wonderful story of a small-town coffee shop told with a bit of realism, second chances, and humor thrown in. The town isn’t perfect but it’s so close that it sounds like a wonderful place to visit! The story has a great beginning, despite the heroine’s many name changes. When the heroine’s life is suddenly put in danger and many attempts are made to kidnap her daughter, the story begins to feel a little rushed. The scary parts are immediately smoothed over, and everything ends light-heartedly even though the behaviors of everyone involved are questionable. Sam is a fantastic heroine! She’s strong, courageous, and resilient considering what happened to her in the past. Sure, she runs away at first, but she still manages to live an almost normal life. Readers will definitely love Erik, the protective handsome hero! Even with the many grim subjects touched on in the book, it still manages to end pleasantly.

Roslynn Ernst