The Bridesmaid's Dilemma


Working as a holiday rep certainly has its perks, but as Jess nears her days off when she’ll be the chief bridesmaid at her spoiled cousin’s wedding, she fears that maybe she should rethink her career choice. She's not quite ready to settle down with a boyfriend, yet she's getting closer to settling down, at least in one country and with one job. When Ross and Eddie show up for a stag party at the hotel in Majorca where she’s working, her heart leaps. Could Eddie be the guy to make her think twice? After a few drunken nights, an undeniable attraction forms, and what’s between them becomes more than just a holiday fling. When a surprise awaits Jess back in England, she is unsure if her heart can handle anything else.

As the reader gets to know Jess and her cautious yet fun and loving side, the story takes flight; it does, however, take time to get there. It is often slow to progress, repetitious and full of small, mundane details, making the story lag occasionally. There are surprises and twists that add drama, and the reader’s interest will certainly be piqued as Eddie grows in both Jess's affections and the readers’, especially when his admirable qualities and his irresistible charm start to be uncovered. As their interaction grows, their appeal grows with it. The perfect match often dominates the scene and the overall feel of the story keeps the reader hoping for a happy ending. Although somewhat predictable and lacking in chick-lit humor, “The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma” is easy to read with a light-hearted style that will appeal to many.

Maggie Faria