Billionaire Auction


With a shared interest in helping homeless animals, two animal advocates are thrown together at a charity fundraiser.  Billionaire single-dad Chase Marlow donates to the animal welfare cause and agrees to be a date at the auction. Nurse Jenny Palmer has the winning bid and now has one date with the sexy dad, which leads to a quick attraction and a whirlwind relationship. 

“Billionaire Auction” is a cute story about two good-hearted people. The issues faced by single parents and insecure daters in the dating scene are real. However, several items caused this book to stumble.  The frequently repeated action verbs can become redundant and distracting.  The writing style is mostly telling instead of showing, making the wording seem stiff. There appears to be very little conflict, within the characters or between them. What does exist either is quickly (conveniently so) resolved or makes the character appear chronically indecisive and wishy-washy. The characters' closely linked names also lead to some confusion, for example Jenny and Chase’s daughter Penny. Lastly, the description of the setting where Jenny volunteers is vague and remains unclear each time it is mentioned. A couple of speculations dropped in conversation were never discussed again, and simply left hanging as unresolved. 

Aside from these technical and conflict issues, “Billionaire Auction” is full of passionate kissing, fun embracing, and all the thrills of a new romance by a cute couple who share a strong, genuine attraction to one another.

Emerson Matthews