Better Together


An unlikely romance set at a rural tree farm that sounds like one of the most romantic spots on earth. Too bad that Harper Bright, a homebody and nutritionist, would have preferred her research position over the summer over helping on the tree farm with her best friend, Wyatt Fernandez. 

But when Wyatt, a world-renowned ski champion comes back to help on the farm, he’s slightly different than Harper remembers: he’s mysterious, he manages to push her out of her comfort zone, and he’s even more attractive than she remembers him to be. But if Harper wants to hold on to her friendship with him, she’ll have to pretend she’s not interested…a nearly impossible task. 

Harper and Wyatt are two very different characters, which makes it unique that they somehow fit together so well. Harper is all for security and not leaving her comfort zone, and Wyatt is always pushing boundaries, always longing for the next adventure. Still, they’ve been best friends for ages, and the romance blossoming between them feels natural, not forced. They’ll both have to make tough choices if they want to be together, but with this romantic setting and their strong connection, they might stand a chance. With solid writing and an intriguing cast of characters, this is an entertaining, romantic read.

Majanka Verstraete