Bayou Brides


Nola Dutrey is a New Orleans gal through and through with her love of jazz, food, and culture. Band teacher by day and talented singer by night, her world revolves around music, and she spends all hours of the day dedicated to her goal of getting her band kids ready for competition. But when she first sets eyes on her best friend’s handsome brother, Rex Arceneau, her world turns upside down. Rex, the dedicated restauranteur and musician, is also inexplicably drawn to Nola, suddenly unable to get her out of his head. But, his life is in New York and hers is in New Orleans. He cannot abandon his businesses, and she cannot abandon her band kids. Neither is willing to give up on their dreams, not even for love.

“Bayou Brides” is filled with authentic New Orleans culture! Lush details abound in every description of the streets, buildings, food, and people, transporting the reader directly to the “Big Easy”! The characters are fun and passionate, driven to fulfill their dreams. The connection between the heroine and hero is fierce and full of lust, but passionate love seems to develop without much more than a few physical connections. At times, the constant inner dialogue is diverting, as are the unpredictable emotions of many characters, who often times feel juvenile with inconsistent thoughts and actions. Despite much emphasis on Nola’s efforts to raise money for the band and recruit a troubled child, the reader never learns if her efforts are successful. Overall, the plot is unique, fun, and engaging, and the story, well written and entertaining. 

Dahlia Gosney