The Attraction Equation


Max Carter's life is meticulous and without distraction. As an FBI agent, he gives the best to his job at all times, but his mother wants to see him settled down. To get out of her setting him up, Max tells a little white lie that he has a girlfriend. Now, he needs to find someone to play the role. Gina wants to give her brother the puppy he’s always wanted, even if it means breaking the “no pets” rule in her apartment complex. Of course, she’d be caught with the pup by the hottest tenant in her building and blackmailed into playing his girlfriend. Should be relatively easy...right?

Kadie Scott has put together a fun story with two completely opposite characters. At first it’s difficult to see how Max and Gina could ever work, but as the book progresses, their feelings gradually develop. Despite their differences, their chemistry is undeniable and practically leaps off the page. Though the storyline of the fake girlfriend has a hint of cliché, the characters are well developed, and there are some real laugh out loud moments. There are quite a few telling rather than showing moments that take away from the flow of the story. This is a feel-good read and a fun story to pass a couple of hours.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick