Abby (A Second Chance Novel)


Abby McCord has been forced to relocate from Hollywood to the sleepy town of Cane, Louisiana. She has a couple of strikes against her already, and may be in a heap of trouble with the law. Her immediate goal is to hide from the paparazzi, and opening a second-hand shop seems to be the way to do it. She’s not in Cane for a long time, but when she meets Jackson Bienvenue, she thinks it will be a pretty good time. 

 "Abby" begins on a promising note with a storyline that piques the reader's interest. The attraction and banter between the two main characters is amusing. Even more so is Tante Izzy, Jackson’s aunt and town snoop. Vibrant, with a quick wit and sharp tongue, she befriends Abby immediately. Tante Izzy enlists the help of the citizens in Cane to distract snooping paparazzi from Abby.

For all its promise, however, the story soon falls flat. Too many subplots are introduced. Just as one becomes immersed in one of them, the author does an about-face, introducing new characters and another plot, leaving one scratching one’s head. The jumping around is dizzying, which makes it hard to connect the dots, and will have readers wondering what the gist of the story really is. Unfortunate, as the character development in the book is pretty darn good. So too, is the description of Cajun heritage, and Tante Izzy takes the cake. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

 Layne Lancaster