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Noemie’s Journey

Set in 1968 in North Carolina, this tumultuous love story takes place in an equally tumultuous period of history. Racial tension is at its peak. Noemie Bellerose struggles to survive in this divide. She is Creole, and both she and her younger brother suffer discrimination.

The legend of Guinevere gets a new makeover in this fanciful rendition. The story opens with Guinevere escaping Camelot with Lancelot. She is severely burned from head to toe on one side of her body, plucked from burning at the stake—supposedly on Arthur’s order.

If you had to replace a wedding coordinator on short notice, you’d pick . . . the manager of a rock group, right? Brek Montgomery manages a mega-famous band. His sister is a wedding coordinator. When Brek makes a pit stop to visit family his life gets derailed, big time. Sis—who is pregnant—gets confined to bedrest. She begs him to take over her business . . . just for a little while.

Dr. Paige Ellis seems to have it all together when she inherits her Nana’s bungalow and a list of Nana's last requests to fulfill. She is blown away when she learns that her neighbor, Mr. Hot and Sexy, is none other than Nick Collins, the boy who in grade school puts a snake in her locker and a big wad of gum in her long hair.

Isabella rides her horse the 50 miles to London to find David Fitzwilliam, because her mother told her to find him should anything happen to her. She finds him at “The Elegant Courtesan”, a brothel he owns. She tells David she saw her father murder her mother and she fears for her life!