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Clash of Wills

FANTASY:  Princess Samanthas brother, Julian, was denounced because of his magical abilities years ago and she hasn

In the continuation of the Darren Braid series, the Hero hypnotist is preparing to publish a line of erotic hypnosis CDs. Through a business contact he meets Liza Hill and her boyfriend/porn producer Scott Sunderland. Liza is a meek waif of a girl, but the producer wants her to become a dominatrix for his next movie.

A Hero’s Heart

DEA agent Jarrett Brandt returns home to visit his twin brother's grave. Ten years have passed since he left - as a rebel teenager hooked on cocaine - and guilt still hangs heavy around his neck.


Haven Jameson reinvents herself after her husband dies and creates a new future for herself and her best friend when she builds a luxury spa.  The property next door is for sale and she wants it, but so does a developer who could put her out of business. 

Dream Reunion (Dreams #6)

In this sixth installment of the Dream Series, readers will follow Sarah as she traverses the troubles of everyday life. Married to a wonderful husband and mother to five rambunctious children, as well as running her own medical practice, leaves her hands quite full. Her upcoming ten-year college reunion just adds to the busy cyclone that is her life.