Reviews - Audiobooks

T-H-B (The Coded Message Trilogy Book 1)
Randy C. Dockens
Narrator: Jason Huggins

MYSTERY:  What could the letters T-H-B mean? That is exactly what Luke wants to find out! He is an astrophysicist in Houston. He loves his job, his friends and his community, but he discovers that all is not what it seems when he comes across those three letters. Luke and his girlfriend Sarah get pulled into a conspiracy far beyond their wildest imagination.

HISTORICAL:  Miss Lisa Crisp is a poor orphan. Her family treats her as if she is the blemish of the family. She spends most of her time working with the sick. One day while aiding a friend, a man falls and has a seizure at her feet. She immediately tends to him in his moment of need. It turns out the man is Lord Henri-Antoine, the second son of a duke!

Dante’s Gift: A Chicago Christmas Book 1
Aubrey Wynne
Narrator: Tom Jordan

HISTORICAL/CONTEMPORARY:  Dominic Lawrence has worked for months preparing for his marriage proposal to Kathleen James. He wants everything to be perfect. Just before the big night, he gets a phone call from his Grandmother in Italy telling him that his great aunt passed away. Dominic does not want his Grandmother to be alone in Italy, so he plans to bring her home.

Family Secrets (Whispering Pines Mystery)
Shawn McGuire
Narrator: Sandra Murphy

MYSTERY:  Jayne O’Shea’s life is in shambles. She has just quit her job as a cop and left her long-time boyfriend. She feels utterly lost, and hopes that tending to her grandparents cabin will give her the space and time she needs to think and heal. When she arrives at the Whispering Pines cabin, she discovers a dead woman and her cop instincts immediately kick in.

Rogue’s Call (The King’s Riders #3)
C.A. Szarek
Narrator: Ruth Urquhart

FANTASY:  Lady Elissa Durroc has lived in the King’s household since her family died when she was young. She is also an elemental mage, which means she can control all the natural elements. However, the same dark mage who killed her family also wants her powers. In order to protect her, the King sends Elissa to Castle Greenwald to choose a husband.