Wet Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Pisces (The Sectorium Book 5)

Susan Griscom
Narrator: Julie Walters, Gene Branson

PARANORMAL:  Adrian Marlow is the wealthy CEO of Waterscape, a company building an underwater hotel.  Additionally, Adrian is a dolphin shifter, who can also shift into a dragon.  Shifting into a dragon is a recently-acquired skill, and his dragon is turning out to be a challenge to control. There are clues in his family history that finding his true mate will enable him to exert control over his dragon beast, but he isn’t sure his true mate exists.  Reese Briden is the recently-hired interior designer for Waterscape’s new underwater hotel.  She has telekinetic powers and demonstrates this ably as she tackles an initiation of sorts perpetuated by her new co-workers who haze new hires. Because of her own power, it’s easier for Reese to accept Adrian’s dolphin-shifter ability.

This writer creates an interesting world with this story.  Parts of it are believable and fun to imagine, and other parts stretch the limits of believability.  Imagine a 20-foot dragon flying around each morning before dawn, yet remaining unobserved… The dolphin shifter is easier to accept, as no one would question seeing this animal.  As the story unfolds, the listener realizes that Reese has some motivation shifts to work through, becoming wishy-washy at times regarding commitment. Nevertheless, this is still a fun listen with several interesting characters.  The pacing is fairly consistent as the story moves along toward the conclusion.

The narrators do a good job of differentiating the voices of the various characters.  There are times when the recording drags slightly, but the energy level of the performers stays fairly consistent throughout.  The sound quality is good, with no distracting external or mouth noises.  This story fits into the audiobook format, and the author has multiple related audiobooks within this zodiac theme, with each audiobook able to stand alone.   

Carey Sullivan