Shrouds of Darkness (Brooklyn Shadows Book 1)

Brock E. Deskins,
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen

PARANORMAL/NOIR:  Brooklyn, New York: an accountant goes missing - one who just happens to be a supernatural creature. As bodies begin to pile up, the connection between them and the missing accountant are no longer a coincidence. Enter Leo Malone, vampire, and freelance hit man, bodyguard, and detective...if the price is right.

"Shrouds of Darkness" is a fun, fast-paced adventure with a sassy and often downright offensive hero. Leo is witty, but it readers should note that his one-liners are not for the easily offended. A colorful, diverse, and well-developed cast of characters surrounds him. From mob bosses, to sexy lawyers, to sarcastic hackers, Leo has many people try to keep him in line. Sometimes they succeed. This mix of side characters blending with the hero's story keeps the book engaging. There are many twists and turns in the plot, set in a world that takes a familiar werewolf vs. vampire setting and changes it just enough to keep it fresh and far from boring.

Steven Jay Cohen provides a great narration. Each character has their own distinct voice and his accents are spot on. The energy level never drops, even in the more emotional moments of the novel, and it keeps the whole thing propelling forward at a great pace making it hard to press the pause button!

Chelsea Anderson