Shadows of Africa

Wayne McCain,
Narrator: Dave Cruse

MYSTERY:  A team of special force operators acts as mercenaries out in Tanzania. Their job is to take out a local warlord. When they learn a pride of lions is terrorizing the civilians in the area, they cannot just walk away. As they risk everything to help the innocent, they realize that their mission is so much more complicated than they originally thought.

“Shadows of Africa” is a fast-paced adventure that is richly detailed. Throughout the book, the reader is transported to Tanzania. The lives of the characters are real, instantly carving a spot in the reader’s heart. The team is one worth rooting for, and each member is diverse as well as loveable. It’s a captivating read with equal parts action and character development, creating a well-balanced story that by the end of it, has the reader so emotionally invested it’s almost impossible to put down.

Dave Cruse’s performance is spot on. Every so often, a few characters had similar vocal tones, but overall each is brought vividly to life. His accents are incredible and the emotion portrayed is raw and real. The intensity of the plot never wavers, and he keeps the energy going throughout.

This is a great read for anyone looking for an adventure unlike any other — definitely recommended for those who like military stories specifically!

Chelsea Anderson