Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matter

Nina Norstrom,
Narrator: Sara L. Morsey

INSPIRATIONAL:  Through a journey of love and loss, author Nina Norstrom goes through her life lessons, showing how to deal with the challenges thrown in our path. Everything has the potential to develop into a toxic relationship, not just our relationships with people. They can be formed with food, emotions, substances, and diseases. With all of her experiences, she has come to find that letting go of toxic relationships is not impossible, and doing so just might change one’s life for the better.

Much like the title and synopsis suggest, this book is indeed a journey through life. This book is not a "how to" novel, but a memoir. Norstrom tells her story with a great deal of transparency. She openly admits to her faults, as well as her strengths in her character. The tale she shares is gripping. There is love, betrayal, and sadness. She shares the good moments just as much as the bad ones, so the balance of emotions is well thought out. It is a story of triumph above all else as she ties each of her life circumstances in with her ultimate message: toxic relationships are everywhere and the cycle can be broken.

Ms. Morsey’s narrative is engrossing. Her tone is conversational, like she is speaking to an old friend as she shares her life story. The passion and emotion she puts into her voice makes it seem as though it is in fact her story. By the end of it, readers will be rooting for Ms. Norstrom, as well as grieving alongside her.

This is a great book for anyone who loves an inspirational true story. It talks a great deal about faith and how it is woven into Ms. Norstrom’s life, but the message is not overly preachy for those who are nonreligious. 

Chelsea Anderson