A Gypsy’s Kiss (The Sectorium #1)

Susan Griscom
Narrator: Colin Carr, Rachel Woods

PARANORMAL:  Breena Cassidy has spent the better part of her 22 years avoiding any real human connection.  With her ability to see into another’s future at a mere touch, she avoids contact except during her psychic reading gigs.  When college hockey star Hawk Covington walks into a reading needing help, he turns her upside down.  After their first encounter, the two find themselves on a dangerous journey, one where not only their lives are in danger, but their hearts as well.

Breena's unique abilities and the mystery in Hawk’s life make for an interesting tale, drawing the reader into the story quickly.  Ms. Griscom keeps an even and fast-paced plot, never dragging the reader behind, however with little structure it may leave one stumbling along.  The connection between Breena and Hawk, although there on the surface level, does not go beyond a physical connection.  Without emotional depth, the relationship falls flat.  The climax of the story does make up for some of the missteps along the way, catching the reader’s attention until the story is resolved.

The two different narrators make for a seamless transition between the dual perspectives, helping the listener stay engaged in the story.  Ms. Woods' performance brings an engaging tale from Breena’s point of view, while Mr. Carr’s performance of Hawk’s side, lacked energy at times.  In addition, with the high quality production and great sound quality, one will find this an easy listen.  “A Gypsy’s Kiss” is worth the listen, as the narration will help readers connect to the story and keep them on the edge of their seat until the final word is spoken.

Amy Cefoldo