A Girl Like You: The Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series

Michelle Cox
Narrator: Jayne A. Entwistle

MYSTERY/HISTORICAL:  Still struggling years after the stock market crash and the recent death of her father, Henrietta works as hard as she can as a "26 girl" at a local bar.  When an opportunity to become a taxi dancer opens up, she takes the job in hopes of bringing in more money for her family. Shortly after starting, the floor matron is killed — sending Henrietta into a dangerous undercover job for Inspector Clive Howard.  With the backdrop of the gritty underbelly of 1935 Chicago, Henrietta and Clive race against time to solve the case and answer the longing in their hearts.

“A Girl Like You” is an interesting and engaging, mystery with a great cast of characters.  The love Henrietta has for her family endears her to readers from the very beginning.  With a great setting and a heroine to root for, one must keep reading to know the story will play out.  Although the mystery is interesting, the story drags at times with excessive detail.  The only relationship that is hard to believe is the one between Henrietta and Inspector Howard, only because they do not have enough time together to build a real connection.  In the end, the reader will be rooting for Henrietta to crack the case with a desperate need to see how it will unfold.

Ms. Entwistle brings a great voice to the characters, giving each a distinguishing accent.  Her performance is lyrical and unique, drawing the reader in with her great story telling.  Listeners are transported to the gritty streets of Chicago with each description and dropped into the world of taxi dancing and burlesque theatre.  The only downfall to this otherwise great audiobook is at times the story is slow moving.  If one is looking for a great historical suspense, look no further than “A Girl Like You.”

Amy Cefoldo