Collision Force: Crossing Forces, Book 1

C. A. Szarek,
Narrators: Kylie C. Stewart, Eric Rolon

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  FBI Agent Cole Lucas is trying to stop a human trafficking ring.  He has been undercover in New York for over a year when his cover is blown.  Maldonado, the criminal he is targeting, escapes but ends up in the small town of Antioch, Texas.  Cole is given a partner from the local police department, Detective Andi MacLaren, a widow and mother. He is used to working alone, and does not believe anyone in this small town can be as competent as he is.  It does not go over well. Cole is deliberately antagonistic toward Andi, and she really does not want to work with him. When Cole is left without a place to stay, he ends up on Andi’s couch, and meets her 3-year-old son, Ethan. Later, he meets Andi’s police partner, Peter Crane, who was recently shot by Maldonado. 

This is a well-paced story with characters that are sufficiently fleshed-out, and their motivations and conflicts are evident. Cole isn’t very likeable at the start of this book.  He wonders why Andi takes his words as insults, yet most of his interactions before that had been antagonistic.  The plot is somewhat predictable, yet it still succeeds in pulling the reader into the story, as one gets to know these characters.  Several important secondary characters sometimes bring wisdom, and at other times bring an extra bit of joy to the story.  

The characters are believably performed most of the time, but there are a few inconsistencies between the voices of Andi and Ethan, and between Cole and Pete.  The sound quality was excellent, with no noticeable mouth noises, microphone pickups, or other distractions, making this an enjoyable listen. 

Carey Sullivan