Punctuation and the Indie Revolt Against It

Julie L.

We are living in an exceptional time in history. Before now, it was not possible to have our words instantly sent all over the globe with a push of a button.  Those of us who lived through the beginnings of the  internet remember snail mail merging into faxes—words to others got there in mere HOURS!
And faxes merging into dial-up—words got to others in under an HOUR! And dial-up merged into high-speed— words circle the globe HUNDREDS of times an hour!
Now we are so used to it that even children of the 70s and 80s only have vaguely fuzzy memories of corded phones and homes without internet accessible computers. My kids don’t believe me when I tell them about card catalogs and only having books on the library shelf to write my reports for school.
Since the advent of  indie publishing, where we have individually and collectively pushed the relevance of traditional publishers to the side—especially in any of the categories of the romance genre—we have also completely re-written the rules of grammar and punctuation. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it can be an amazing thing. In previous centuries, this shifting of language was in the hands of a select few. Not many could read and write, and the Latin [people] of the Catholic Church forced uniformity across their known world...and language was stagnant, for the most part.
Guess what killed that off: The Gutenberg Press!

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