Historical: 17th Century - Regency - 2018 (7 finalists)

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Great book! Wonderful characters, read it in one sitting could not put it down. As wth every book Lucinda writes you are transported to the time period and find yourself becoming, as an observer, a part of the story. Can't help but want to read her books again and again!

Loved everything about this book. The amount of historical research that Lucinda does is amazing. 

Brilliant book brilliant series Lucinda Brant takes you into the past and into love and romance  

This is another great read in the series.

Best of luck to all contestants 

Another great read from Lucinda Brant. She is one author that I always pruchase her books. The characters and writing draw you into the period. I can read these over and over again. 

Brant has done a remarkable job with this book. All the essay writing sites wrote greatly about Lucinda and her research. It is almost phenomenal to see someone read so much to produce a book.

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