Créme de la Cover Contest

Crème de la Cover Contest:

Come vote for your favorite among the best in the business!!


Each week of the month, we will post 4 of the best covers sent for review.  Vote for your favorite - voting closes each week on Saturday at 7 PM (PST).  Each week's winner will receive 1/4 page free ad in InD'tale Magazine.  That's not all, the last week of each month, the weekly winners will vie for the title of Creme de la Cover and the grand prize of a free full page ad in InD'tale magazine!!  So... take a minute to peruse this week's contestents, then place your vote!





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Only one vote per person (not email) is allowed. If the rules are not adhered to, the cover in question will be disqualified


You must be a subscriber and logged in! Not a Subscriber? BECOME ONE NOW!

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