Poetry Corner: "Love Trapped and Sold"


Exhausted with mind weary I lay on the bed, the ceiling looks so white.
My existence is one of constant vigilance where days are lived at night.
No one is loyal among those I call friends and my only love is far less so.
A life I grasped with a need unfounded, right now I would rather let go.

She came unto me feigning a great tragedy, told with soft sobs and cries.
If I had seen the truth, I was prey she stalked and not listened to her lies, 
I never would cast my role as a hero intent on mending her broken heart
But with bodies entwined, tears on my shoulder, I auditioned for the part.

Her gift of flesh had made me honour bound, I became reluctantly her lover
But I soon revealed all mystery, her obsession with me no longer undercover.
My words had enthralled her, each new poem she eagerly tasted and lapped.
And though we had not met or talked, she devised plans to have me trapped.

If only that had been enough, she could possess me by chivalric duty alone
But I was to be her vengeance on lovers past, for their sins I would atone.
She knew my words were written in truth, having stalked me through my art
And my soul damaged from past love she begged me open that broken heart.

Thus when she had me vulnerable, my lover’s wounds opened fresh and bare,
She wielded emotions dark sharp blade by simply choosing to no longer care.
All promises she made were broken, no thought of me would cross her mind,
I forever in the role of her fallen knight, would at her command, stay behind.

When she finds herself in danger, I answer her calls at risk of my own life.
I will keep my word every time she leaves despite heart’s agony and strife.
So though no great passion is in her soul, my own heart must show true love
  Awaiting her return after her body is sold, casting my eyes on the ceiling above.