Poetry Corner


Christmas Cheer Enlightenment

Of lonely heart excursion
on winter’s slippery slopes.
Misconceived as cheer,
by blissful boisterous blokes 

Her Christmas wish to be
turning fast forward time.
Towards more realistic
expectations satisfied.

On frozen breath seeking
courtship this darkest day,
although it would seem
only an echo wants to stay.

The halls are now decked,
with tinsel town sparkles.
She swallows bah humbugs
on holiday drink marvels.

On to the corporate party
she’s required to attend.
Knowing she will only dread
until nights welcomed end.

With but a cleared throat
and a gaze of electric blues.
“Look up” he says softly,
Her secret love in view.

Underneath the mistletoe,
desires of the year unsaid.
Fulfilled in a holiday kiss
at the turning of her head. 

He smiles against her lips,
release of contended sigh.
Wonderful season’s ending,
to this once dreaded night.

In the warmth of a world
that now is just of two.
“It’s a holiday miracle!”
She exclaims amused.

Of Silence finally broken
new lover’s laugh conveyed.
With a playful tone she asks
“What are you doing New Years day?”

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