The Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 7


“Rachel’s veins constricted into thin lines. Pure terror froze her limbs. The creature huffed. Slowly, she kneeled. Based on dominance and submission, animals showed subjugation to the strongest in a pack. She bowed her head. Garrett mimicked her movements. With a fleeting glance, she saw he still gripped the weapon in one hand.
If Mary could communicate with the creature, maybe she could too. “We need your help.”
Harry’s humongous feet shuffled closer. He grunted, then touched the top of her head, tapping twice and grunting again.
Slowly, she raised her gaze and swallowed thickly. Its language was indistinguishable. A series of grunts and low growls. The flashlight she’d dropped, splayed light across his hairy toes and illuminated a few square feet of coarse ground. As she raised her head, she spied his thick muscled legs. Terrified, but awestruck as well, her gaze traveled up his thighs to his belly, across his torso to firm pectorals. She kept going until she met his dark brown eyes in a face caught in transition between human and ape. Leather like dark skin covered his features and a low jutting brow flexed as he looked down at her. Thick fingers similar to an ape, ended in sharp nails. He tapped on her head again.
“What’s he doing?” Garrett whispered.
“You think I know?” she hissed.

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