A complete Guide to YA Fiction


Young Adult, or "YA", fiction has become hugely popular in the last decade, to the point that many readers will exclusively read YA Fantasy, Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, and Science Fiction. But what is YA fiction? How does it differ from Adult fiction, and what does it have in common? Young Adult Fiction in the Past
Young adult literature has existed for more than two hundred years. Since the 1800s, there have been many works that appeal to young readers, including:
“Swiss Family Robinson” (1812)
“Alice in Wonderland” (1865)
“The Jungle Book” (1894)
“The Chronicles of Narnia” (1950)
These stories, while not written specifically for a younger audience, contained themes that appealed to younger readers, between the ages of 12 and 18.
The Rise of YA Fiction
By the early 1990s, there was a concern that young adult literature would lose the interest of young readers. Then came along the book that changed it all: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”. The book was praised for not only its maturity and complexity, but its ability to appeal to a broad range of readers. The adaptation of the books into movies, which saw blockbuster success, added to the interest of young and adult audiences into YA fiction.
Suzanne Collins solidified the trend with her “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Further offerings like “The Maze Runner”, “The Divergent Trilogy”, “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Giver”, the Percy Jackson novels, and “The Mortal Instruments” soon drew young audiences into every genre—from Science Fiction to Fantasy to Dystopian to Romance to Historical fiction. New novels are being released on a yearly basis, drawing young readers into more "niche" genres like Techno-Thrillers, Cyberpunk, and even Contemporary Christian fiction.

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