Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 4


Rachel’s fingernails cut into her palms watching the bizarre confrontation, or peace talks, she didn’t know which, between Mary and whatever was out there with her. Mary called it Sasquatch. Did it actually exist? Could the old woman communicate with it? This morning when Rachel woke, she’d never imagined the day unfolding like this, and it was only four o’clock.
Mary continued to speak, and grunts returned from the bush. Rachel uncoiled her hands and took a breath of clean forest air.
Standing on the porch, Garrett stiffened beside her. Before she could react, the animal screeched. From the right of where Mary stood, something thrashed through the forest. Rachel’s blood chilled when she saw a furry arm, just an arm, jut from the foliage and yank Mary into the brush. The Sasquatch roared.
“Shoot it,” she screamed.
“I can’t see Mary. I could hit her.”
Screeches and vicious growls bit into Rachel with fear. She’d witnessed wolves fighting once, and it scared the hell out of her, but this terrified her. From far away, something answered. A mournful howl. She darted off the rickety porch, but Garrett caught her within a few steps.
“Mary,” she screamed. “Answer me.”
The thrashing in the forest ceased for a moment and Mary stumbled from the brush. Rachel flew across the front yard, jumping stumps, until she reached the old woman’s side, but not before she fell to the ground. Kneeling, she propped Mary against her body. Rachel couldn’t see any injuries. By the way Mary clutched her chest, she realized it was a heart attack.
“Mary. Hang on. We’ll get help.”
The old woman slowly shook her head, then opened her eyes. “Betrayal.”

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