Forget Me Not (Blackbird Series Novella 1)


MAGICAL REALISM:  Eighteen-year-old Evelyn believes she has found the love of her life in Guy McCallister, a dreamboat with chiseled features and a goatee. Her family disagrees, however, and to please them she apprehensively agrees to go on a date with a “perfect match.” Rex Somersy is the epitome of a gentleman —the complete opposite of Guy — yet Evelyn finds herself falling for him. When he is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, she is heartbroken, but upon his return things get even worse. The war changed Rex and turned him into a caricature of his former self. Rex has to learn to overcome the terrors of war and Evelyn needs to be able to be there for him without losing herself in the process. 

Anyone can connect with the families in this book. From a harassed mother of five to a dad that has difficulty expressing himself, the familial units have bonds and intricacies that make them real. The love shared by the two protagonists is almost tangible. Unfortunately, the story itself is slightly bland with no real character growth or plot progression, although some of the scenes may take the reader by surprise with their sexual intensity. When characters discuss their “gifts”, readers will be confused unless they have read the author’s other works. However, by using these gifts author Em Shotwell has found a way to hook her audience. Readers will be intrigued.  

Yannie Sorensen