Into a Dark Frontier


Slade Crawford is a hero who served his country for twenty-four years. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, he finds himself a fugitive in his own country and flees the US for the wilds of Africa for a chance at a new life. He signs on as security advisor for a South African fundamentalist Christian group called the Judeans, and is charged with leading them through the heart of a war-torn continent in search of a place to call home. Keeping them safe will test everything he has, and when Slade is captured by an American colonel and drawn into a mission that he cannot avoid, surviving the mission — and his own nightmares — is a challenge that could kill him. 

A techno-thriller set in a distant, yet highly possible future, “Into the Dark Frontier” draws the reader into an adventure that starts with a bang…and ends with another. John Mangan delivers a dynamite debut novel that keeps the heart racing, start to finish. A novel that is hard to put down! Grisham and Baldacci should be watching their backs. Slade Crawford is a dynamic character; expertly developed, he jumps from the page. He leads a cast that easily draws the readers in. Utilizing his military history Jon Mangan creates a complex plot with ease and aplomb. Page-turners are getting few and far between, but hands down, this is one! 

Penelope Anne Bartotto