Words With a Flourish


The transition from using a pen in forming beautiful calligraphic letters to using a keyboard in composing a beautiful story is not as difficult as one might imagine. Not because they aren’t entirely different endeavors, but because the desired effects are, in many respects, the same. Either way, with the strokes of a pen or taps on a keyboard, a gamut of emotions is evoked to accomplish the intent of the message or enhance the plot line of a story. Having a diverse background such as managing a landscape, building a home from the ground up, researching Scripture, forming metals into sculpture, or developing gorgeous graphics—all efforts with which I’m quite familiar—can be helpful in expressing that emotion especially when writing an epic. However, for this moment, consider calligraphy and the art of the flourished letter. Written words are the source of details in mankind’s history. Archaeology can unearth results of man’s endeavors, but written words almost always describe the motivations that stemmed from the heart. Heinrich Schliemann and others had dug up the remains of Troy and Mycenae, so we know they existed, but it was Homer’s stories, written down and translated, that depict why they fought and include additional insights that enhance understanding in other areas of study.

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