New Year, New Me


Here we go again. New year, new resolutions. I actually try to set goals when the new year starts. Of course, meeting the goals is a whole different story.
Losing 30 pounds in a month is a reach, especially with my weakness for cookies and macaroni and cheese. I really do want to eat better and exercise and take better care of this machine I call a body. I know, there are some people who go to the extreme and stop all food and live on water and herbs to fit in the new clothes they got over the holidays. To me, that takes it a bit too far. I eat all the goodies I was given over the holidays and hope my buttons can handle the stress. They were given to me as gifts and I want to be respectful.
Setting outrageous goals is human nature. After the holidays, we all tend to look in the mirror and want to make some changes. We can’t help that we spent the final two months of 2017 eating enormous amounts of food. It was cold, and after falling into turkey comas and all the sweet sugar highs, we’re just too tired to exercise. Why bother, we’re going to just sleep anyway.
In a way, it is somewhat cruel to set goals you can’t meet. I’ve found it is much better to set goals you find as a challenge and then go step-by-step to meet them. It’s easier and you get the satisfaction of reaching the baby steps. For instance, we want to stop drinking sodas, alcohol, or other bad drinks. That’s a great ultimate goal, but it’s much easier if you slowly cut yourself off of them, say, one drink less each day or week, instead of cold turkey with the headaches, shaking, grouchiness, and those nervous twitches you get like a heroin addict.

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