National BLANK Day


As summer takes over the seasons I find my self patiently waiting for the three-day weekends and random holidays. I went to look at my calendar for the Fourth of July and saw there are holidays all the time. Like, every day. Even multiple holidays on a day. No wonder I always feel I need to be off work, it is National Selfie Day.
Holidays were something we all looked forward to as kids. We would wait patiently to get out of school, see fireworks or be able to have friends stay the night since we were out of school and could goof off the next day.
Then as we got older the holiday would be for us to drink excessive amounts of alcohol then regret it the next day as we hear about our exploits and how the cops found us naked, covered in barbecue sauce, standing on the hood of our car and barking at people walking by.
Sorry, had a flashback moment.
I was looking through the National Holiday Calendar and noticed they have a day for almost everything.
My favorites are the National Ice Cream Day, National Cookies Day and any other fun holiday dealing with sweets and goodies. December 4th is national Cookie Day. But I celebrate cookies 24/7. It’s a must.

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