Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Finale!


Checking the stability of the rock under her feet before each forward thrust, Rachel led the way to the Falls up the side of Nq’il’qtens ku skenknap known as Seat of Thunder. Without climbing equipment or the luxury of time, she ignored the safety factor or the result of one wrong step. The afternoon sun beat down on her shoulders. She swiped her palms on her pants, and dug her fingers into the next crevice between the abrasive rocks.
Booker, Crack and Cork followed. She stopped for a quick breather and looked down the steep incline. Garrett brought up the rear and climbed with lithe movements. His strong upper body making it look easy. She appreciated that the team didn’t push her, and ascended at her pace.
The wolf had disappeared into the forest. It was one thing to learn Sasquatch was not a myth, but learning that a man could transform into a beast or possess her friends was terrifying. The First Nations people honored nature and the spirit world, but not the evil residing in her park. She had to locate whatever Harry wanted her to find at the Falls and hope it was enough to defeat the skinwalker.

She ignored her thirst and shook out her arms. Halfway there.
A shower of small pebbles was the only warning she got. Shielding her eyes, she looked up.
“Rock!” she yelled to the others and scurried to the right, clinging to an unstable granite shelf. The boulder bounced and rolled past her. She quickly shoulder checked and saw it tumbled past the team. When nothing else dislodged above her, she continued to climb.
Fifteen minutes later, the muscles in her arms and thighs burning, she crawled onto the plateau and blew out a sharp breath. The spray from Emerald Falls had made the last two hundred feet treacherous, but now the droplets speckled a cooling mist against her face. Cork, Booker and Crack circled her. With little effort, Garrett hefted himself over the edge and joined them.
Rubbing the sweat from his forehead with a shoulder, Booker said, “We’re here. Now what?”
“Look for something that nature didn’t put here.”

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