The Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 9


“Gunfire erupted from behind her.
Rachel crawled. Only a few feet to go.
Her fingers sank into the thick mud. Sharp rocks cut into her knees. Garrett was in the truck when it toppled over the ledge.
Reaching the edge, she didn’t get a chance to look over. A harsh grip dug into her elbow. Another arm wrapped around her middle and she was lifted into the air. The skinwalker took only two steps with her slung over his shoulder when a cacophony of screams and angry growls filled the air.
Tigg shouted. “Cease fire!”
The gunfire stopped and Rachel fell to the ground. A tremble reverberated the earth beneath her. She groaned, rolling over in time to see the skinwalker disappear over the rise in the road and at least five Sasquatch give chase.
She jolted when a hand clutched her leg. “Garrett!”
He pulled himself over the edge of the cliff and then rolled onto his back, his chest heaving with exertion.
“You okay?” he asked, between deep breaths.
She nodded and checked him from head to toe. “You?”
He sat up and blinked. “All the equipment is gone.”

“Did you see that?” Crack spouted as the men helped her and Garrett to their feet.
Cork kept watch behind them where the skinwalker had disappeared. “Never in a million years. Those weren’t guys in fur suits. The frickin’ things are real.”
“And most importantly, the skinwalker seems to be scared of them,” Garrett said, drawing her under his arm. “Guess we’re on foot from here. How far are we from Ruby Lake, Rachel?”
She surveyed the landscape. “Maybe a half mile, but without the safety equipment the climb to Emerald Falls will be dangerous.”
Crack grinned. “Hasn’t stopped us before.”
They set off on foot. Everyone on alert for another attack by the skinwalker. She and Garrett walked a few paces behind the team.
“Booker told me the skinwalker tried to take you.”
“I don’t understand why.”
“If this were combat ops, I’d say as a hostage, but he has nothing to trade that we know of.” A concerned expression settled over his handsome features. “Anything you forgot to tell me about this creature’s initiation?”
“No. Nothing I can think of.”

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