The Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 8


“We can use as much help as we can get. Spiritual or otherwise, but I wish you would reconsider showing us the way to Emerald Falls. Point my team in the right direction, and we’ll find it.”
Rachel turned and leaned against the low windowsill, her hands palming the edge. “I’m sure you would.”
A swell of desire swept through him. Just looking at her heated him to the core. Excited him more than the start of a dangerous mission. Ignited his need to explore who she was. A sense of possessiveness made him ask, “Why do you think the skinwalker wanted you to stay?”
She slowly shook her head. “No idea.”
“I have one.” Garrett willed her to come closer. “He wants what I want.”
 “A mate?” she asked, surprise cracking her features.
He leaned forward when she came close enough and threaded his fingers through hers, drawing her gently toward him. “You underestimate your mystical powers, Young Raven.”
He snaked his arm around her waist and drew her closer. “Finding the answer to what is terrorizing us in these woods will come second to protecting you.”

“I’m not your mission,” she said, gazing into his eyes.
“You’re wrong about that.” He kissed her pillowy lips with a gentle sweep of his. When her hands slid around his waist and strayed up his back, he put his worries aside. Finally, he’d met a woman who tempted him away from his duty to country and closer to a lifetime of adventure with her.


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