Legend of the Spiralling Cedars: Episode 6


“Where the hell are you going?” Garrett said sharply, as Rachel sped past the park headquarters. He’d kept his eyes glued to the side mirror, watching for flapping wings or hairy legs or some kind of unnatural beast chasing after them.
Rachel gripped the wheel with both hands, her body rigid. “To the cave.”
“The cave?” Now, he was shouting. “What the hell for?”
“I can’t stop a legion of cops. They won’t listen to me. The only way to stop this is to find the name of the skinwalker.”
“Geez, woman. There’s no such damn thing.”
“You want to walk through the woods unarmed and prove that theory?”
“Isn’t that what you’re intent on doing?” he snapped back. He should take control of the truck and drive them straight out of the park. It was the only way to keep Rachel safe. He dug in his pocket and found his phone.
He put the phone on speaker. “Tigg?”
“Lieutenant. What’s your position?”
“Rachel has some crazy-ass idea the answer to all of this is in the cave.”

“We’re on our way back from Cedar Estates. I’m with Sarah and William. Booker took Marla to Squamish.”
“Where’s Crack?”
“He’s with Lacy. Somewhere. Cork is at the park headquarters.”
“What the hell do you mean somewhere?”
Rachel’s head shot around to look at him. She did a quick loop past all the campsites. Probably to confirm everyone was gone.
“We don’t know. They went to talk with residents of the estates and didn’t come back. Just been there ourselves. Everyone is gone, but he’s not answering his phone, and there’s no response from Lacy on the radio. This is the craziest damn mission I’ve ever been on, Lieutenant. The tribal chief told William and Sarah we need to extract from this situation. I agree, cause I’ve seen things I don’t want to see.”
“A shaman named Elijah told us to do the same, but he wants Rachel to stop the cops from crawling over the park.”
“Think he’s right. Those four cops who came earlier are nothing but torn meat. We need to load out with heavy artillery to kill whatever is doing this kind of damage. Watch out!” Tigg shouted.

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